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Tang Shampoo Bar

Tang Shampoo Bar

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 Tang Shampoo Bar

The coastal shampoo bar is made on a mixture of delicious, predominantly organic oils that nourish and nurture the hair from the scalp and completely into the tips. The shampoo creates a full and soft foam that means that you only need to use a little product for each wash. The bar even foams in salt water.

A shampoo bar is a plastic -free alternative to bottle of liquid shampoo, which with its solid form takes into account the environment and climate.

 -Tang Info-

All our soaps are handmade with clean and vegan ingredients.


  1. Moisten the hair. Before the bar around the bar until it foams.
  2. Place the bar from you and massage hair and scalp.
  3. Wash the hair for all shampoo is flushed out.
  4. Use coastal conditioner bar if needed.
  5. The bar should dry out between use.

Coastal shampoo bar can be used for approx. 30-40 hair sinks.

All coastal soaps are handmade locally where the Little Belt meets Haderslev Fjord. The same coast where several of the soaps' local ingredients are found and picked.

All of our ingredients are plant -based and vegan🌱

Weight: Minimum 70 g


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