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Tang gift box

Tang gift box

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The gift box with a greeting from the coast

Coastal Tang Gift Box is our version of 'The Little Pampering'. A gift you can give because you wanted to do something nice for yourself or someone else, and you decide for yourself the occasion.

The gift box contains a hand -knit soap bag in organic flax, as well as a seaweed soap bar with the scent of peppermint and a loofah sponge for the soap.


Soap bag in organic flax

The bags are hand knit by coastal neighbors.

Use the bag to store your soap bar in the bath. The soap foams nice and the bag gives an exfoliating effect. Simply rinse the soap bag with the soap and scrub the skin until soft and delicious.

Of course, the soap bag can also be used by your outdoor shower.

We do not recommend storing the shampoo bar in the soap bag as a shampoo bar needs to dry well in between use.

The soap bag can be washed in machine at max. 40 ° C.


Seaweed soap

Coastal soap bar is a soft and foamy soap that can be used on the entire body, like a body soap, but is also ideal as a hand soap.

Seaweed in coastal soap bar is harvested in the Little Belt at the mouth of Haderslev Fjord.

We have added essential oil peppermint, which gives a discreet but lovely scent.

A soap bar is a plastic -free alternative to bottled soap soap, which with its solid form takes into account the environment and climate. You can advantageously get the soap bar in a soap bag in organic linen, for exfoliation that leaves the skin soft and delicious.


Loofah fungus

At Coastal, we first and foremost use the loofah fungus as a soap holder, so the water can run away from the soap bar. This allows the soap to dry between use, which makes it last longer and you get the most out of the product. In addition, the fungus can also be used for exfoliation, washing up or cleaning.

Loofah is a natural sponge and comes from a plant in the cucumber family. When it is still young, the fruit can be eaten, but when it is mature it becomes a hard and fiber -rich mass.

We use loofah as an environmentally friendly solution that is free of microplastics, incredibly durable and of course biodegradable. Since Loofah is a natural product, size and appearance can vary slightly.


All coastal soaps are handmade locally where the Little Belt meets Haderslev Fjord. The same coast where several of the soaps' local ingredients are found and picked.

All of our ingredients are plant -based and vegan🌱

Supplied coconut oil* and rapeseed oil*, added to dried bladder tongs* and essential oils. (*Organic)

The product naturally contains the following allergenic perfumes that can cause nuisance to people with perfume allergyLimonen, Linalool

Inci:Mentha Piperita Oil


Sæbe: Den kan bruges på hele kroppen, som en kropssæbe, men er også helt ideel som håndsæbe. Man kan med fordel komme sæbebaren i en sæbepose i hør, til eksfoliering, der efterlader huden blød og lækker.


Cocos nucirera*(kokosolie), Brassica Campestris seed oil*(Rapsolie), Aqua, Sodium hydroxide, Butyrospermum parkii*(Sheasmør), Mentha piperita (æteriske olie), FucucVesiculosus(tang)

Produktet indeholder naturligt følgende allergene parfumestoffer som kan give gener for personer med parfumeallergiLimonen, linalool 

INCI: Mentha Piperita Oil

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