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Aluminum bucket - gold

Aluminum bucket - gold

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Aluminum bucket - gold
Aluminum bucket for storing your soaps. Our aluminum buckets can be used for storing both shampoo bar, conditioner bar and soaps.
Perfect for the sports bag, swimming pool or as a travel box.
When the soaps get wet, they become softer and more fragile, and therefore have easier to break or become a must. By getting the soap in an aluminum bucket it does not become pressed, thus keeping it the mold and you avoid soap throughout the bag.
If you have no soap dish, you can use the bottom and lay for your soaps.
Remember to put in a loofah sponge in, then your soaps will last longer.
You can easily take coastal soaps and aluminum buckets at the airport.


Skyl din sæbe bar efter brug og læg den på en loofah svamp i aluminium bøtten, sæt låg på og læg den i tasken igen.


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