About coastal

Welcome to coastal

Coastal is a microsap lying at the mouth of Haderslev Fjord.

We hand -handed soaps, shampoo bars and balsams - inspired by the coast.

Our vision is to share the joy of life near the sea. And all our products are in solid form, so we avoid unnecessary packaging.

We have an ambition to change our personal care routines with coastal care by removing the plastic bottles from our bathroom shelves.

We will create a simple approach to washing and care of ourselves and our families. At the same time, we will save our nature, coasts and the seas for unnecessary plastic waste.

We use local coastal ingredients in our products. Seaweed, hip, sea buckthorn etc., which we ourselves pick and mix with cleansing and nurturing ingredients.

We have a great love for the coast and nature.

At Coastal, we are working to take good care of nature through our soaps for plastic-free personal care.

All our products are vegan and completely without parabens and harmful sulfates.

Our shampoo and soap foams delicious, even in salt water, and is not harmful to the sea - ideal for sailors, boat owners, winter bathers and you who love the sea and nature.

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Dear Team Coastal